/Depistaz, the app made to help fight COVID-19

Depistaz, the app made to help fight COVID-19

During the past weeks, the cyberstorm.mu team has worked on a mobile application known as “Depistaz”. But what does it do exactly ? The user first enters his/her personal details then are asked to enter what conditions they currently have such as cancer, pregnancy and so on. The user will then be asked if they are experiencing any symptoms that could indicate if they have COVID-19 and specify when these symptoms had first started. If the app finds that user may have COVID-19, they will be given the option to contact emergency services and be told to self isolate themselves to prevent any further spread of the virus. Additionally there is a feature in the app that let’s you order supplies if ever you need any. If you want to get or try out the app please scroll down at the end of the blog .

Please note that there is a second version of the app which is called “Corona-Mapp”. This version was designed for Reunion in collaboration with Passerelle Services. Both versions have the same features and interface.

The application is currently available for Android devices but there are plans to release it for IOS devices. If there are any issues with the app then feel free to contact us at [email protected] .

Depistaz: https://depistaz-mu.xyz/ or https://cyberstormdotmu.github.io/depistazsite/

Corona-Mapp: http://app.coronamapp.re/?fbclid=IwAR0LA5zBetvJibT2qSY1nT1qbIExmAyxvd6O_Xrc9jOiaK-SJHkuHWPkep0 or https://coronamap-mu.xyz/

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