/PUBGM Tournament

PUBGM Tournament

Quite recently, we were managing an international event that South-Africa had organized named “La Cup D’Africana”. Our main goal for this big event was to promote eSports in Mauritius along with all our partners namely “NeoFlux Gaming Clan“. The national qualifier, initially planned to be offline, got reworked into an online platform since our country was undergoing a serious confinement situation. Basically the tournament consists of finding good “pubgm” players and encourage them to participate in. The tournament is still active right now and ‘Mauritius’ is being represented in South-Africa as we got qualified during the International Qualifiers.

Our reach expectation for this event was to gather most viewers we could and we achieved even more & special thanks to Defimedia who boosted the tournament by writing an article to make more people aware. Till now we’re achieving all our goals set and going through it.

We would kindly thank all staff and partners who are contributing to this tournament and we thank you for being our partner. You can kindly follow us for more content on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. We thank you all for taking your time reading this article & much more coming soon.

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