/Stormduino, Mauritius’s first Open Source Hardware certified board !

Stormduino, Mauritius’s first Open Source Hardware certified board !

A while back a project known as stormduino was started in collaboration with tecknologg and the cool folks over at cyberstorm.mu . Stormduino is pretty much a KiCad designed Arduino Uno compatible clone that utilizes a USB Type-c port and has much simpler components that still maintains it’s integrity. It was originally open source since Rev 1 but after refining the design, we wanted to really show that this was actually open-source hardware. After applying for the certification and waiting for about 2 weeks we finally got a reply that our board was certified!

You can find stormduino on the open hardware certification list here, https://certification.oshwa.org/mu000001.html

Project site: https://github.com/Chromico/stormduino

Documentation: https://github.com/Chromico/stormduino/blob/master/documentation.pdf

Tecknologg’s blog post, https://link.tecknologg.website/c

Stormduino OSHW certification mark