/IETF 115 In blue bay

IETF 115 In blue bay

First onsite hackathon since 2019

Cyberstorm.mu has operated efficiently by getting people together online since covid-19. After a lot of requests for an actual hackathon, it was time to get back to a face to face hackathon. We chose a nice venue close to Blue Bay. The beach was walking distance from us.
We admit that cyberstorm.mu has been less active due to a number of factors. Personally, i got less and less time to spend during the weekends. However, it was time to get back into the game. It was great to see students from University of Mauritius (Keelan Cannoo, Jeevesh “Sarvesh” Dindyal & Darshan N) joining us. I think that it brings some fresh perspective into our “aging” group.
Kifah Meeran, Jeremie Daniel, Nathan Mangar and Jagveer Loky were finally back together. It was a long time since we all meet physically. It was interesting to see the mix of seasoned ietf participants and new blood.
I spent my time most reviewing code of others and offer hints of how to tackle tricky TLS issues.
Additionally, i think it’s great to see new faces with some fairly ambitious ideas 🙂
We did experiment with unstable wifi. At one point, we fixed this by pointing the antenna in the same direction as the hotel’s wifi antenna. It didn’t help that a coconut tree was right in the path.