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Founding Members

Cyberstorm members are strategically scattered all over the globe, brought together by their common goal of making Mauritius (and the world) a better place, all while pursuing their dreams. We are proud to claim that every member has earned their spot through hard work and clever maneuvers, improving the Internet and OSS. Here are the faces behind the latest technological revolution. Adviser: Didier Precieux.

Kishan Takoordyal, creator of KinesisGames – He loves to develop video games and make websites. He was also a Google Code-in finalist and mentor, and has been hacking in TLS 1.3 and SSH-XMSS at the IETF hackathons with Cyberstorm. In his free time he is either a gamer or is learning more about new technologies.



Loganaden Velvindron, core founding member of Cyberstorm. He works as Infrastructure and Security Engineer at Afrinic. He also won the First prize Google Summer of Code and is actively mentoring Google Code-in participants. He is also the author of several RFCs and lead several hackathon worldwide. In his free time, Logan focus on physical fitness. He also have a special affection for dogs.


Bruno Bernard – One of the master mind behind the IETF mobile App. He is a Full-Stack developer and opensource enthusiast. Bruno is very curious to learn new technology and is very active in our community. In the tech world, he goes by the name of the TheArtechnology and during his spare time, he likes going out to dinner and have some good food.



Nathan Mangar, one of the youngest founding member of Cyberstorm is also the creator of Technologg. Currently, he is pursuing his Higher School education at St Esprit College. He focus a lot on the creation of electronic and IoT solutions. He is also a speaker at conferences about STM32. Nathan has also been hacking on TLS 1.3 at the IETF hackathon. During his free time, Nathan repair and break stuff and loves to have a good chat about processors and controllers.




Arwin Kheshav Sewnundun is currently working as Devops Engineer at Linkbynet. He contributed to HTTP 451 during the IETF hackathon and helped members to progress in their career path. He is also interested in Sentiment Analysis tool, cryptocurrencies and automate his day-to-day task in Python. During his free time, he is at the gym keeping fit. One of his secret skills is car racing


Kifah Meeran is fascinated by cognitive science, design, programming, and life in general. He was the first Google Code-in Grand Prize Winner from Mauritius and has participated in numerous IETF hackathons. He enjoys clarity and meaning both in code and in design. Currently, he’s taken a deep dive into Flutter development. Kifah is also the creator of MoHack.



Veegish Ramdani participated in many IETF hackathons where he worked on an HTTP 451 module for Drupal. When he is not coding, gaming, binge-watching TV shows or going outside, he likes to spend his time designing stuff.





Bagha Charuduth was a Google Code-in finalist and is now a mentor for the Drupal organization. Having implemented SSH-XMSS algorithms during IETF 106 with Cyberstorm, he looks forward to building his career towards networking and cybersecurity. He also enjoys sports, in particular swimming and football, and tries to hone his coding skills as much as possible during his free time.


Neel Gopaul, currently a student at College du St Esprit, was a Grand Prize Winner for the 10th edition of Google Code-in. He has a keen interest in building websites and UI designing. In his free time, he likes to learn about new technologies or read comic books.




Jeremie Daniel is one the ISOC fellows at the African Internet Summit as facilitator for the hackathon. He also hacks on TLS 1.3 during the IETF hackathon. Currently, he is a student at the University of Mauritius.





Josh Terry Dorasamy Naïken is still a high school student. He participated in the Google Code-in contest 2 times and made contributions during the IETF 106 hackathon. In his free time, he likes to work on hobbyist projects involving the Arduino.




Nigel Yong is an ambitious and positive guy. He is currently studying and doing internships at companies like Bombardier and Morgan Stanley. He loves full stack development with a big interest in machine learning and artificial intelligence. In his free time, he’s loves to hit the gym and read on personal development and personal finance.



Yashveer Jadoo is an enthusiast coder. He worked on OpenSSH during the IETF 104 hackathon. Currently studying at the University of Mauritius, his main interests are to learn new technologies and improve his programming skills. His spare time is mostly spent in gaming, jogging and listening to music.



Diresh Soomirtee (Avi) is currently a Linux System Administrator at Linkbynet. He participated in
the IETF 103 and 104 hackathons, during which he deprecated RC4 for ssh utilities and added support for TLS 1.3. He is fond of automation. In his daily work life, he automates tasks with ansible and python scripts. He has a lot of experience in IoT and IT solution developments for both hardware and software. Driving and music are his meditations. Avi also own a 3d printing business.

Meet Rahul Golam – a DevOps Engineer at SD Worx, whose expertise in the latest technologies is truly impressive. Recently, Rahul contributed to the development of TLS1.3 during the prestigious IETF hackathon. He is also a Red Hat Certified Engineer, demonstrating his extensive knowledge and skills in the field. On top of his professional pursuits, Rahul enjoys sharing his insights on secure networking and cyber security through his popular blog at securenetweb. With his proven track record and passion for innovation, Rahul is a valuable asset to any team.







Rahul Kumar Shivadan is currently a high schooler. He made contributions during IETF 104 and was a Google Code-In participant. During his free time, he likes to stream him playing video games. He’s interested in Ubuntu Server Administration and is going through various guides to get the hang of it. He also promotes esports in Mauritius.