///Newest Additions to the Team

Newest Additions to the Team

International Members


Serge-parfait Goma is a co-founder of an open-source community known as 242 in the Republic of Congo and a member of the IETF. Having a long experience in the field of open source and Linux, he has actively participated in AIS hackathons, and in the accompaniment of more than 20 African countries in the implementation of groups to follow the work of the IETF during the IETF sessions. 
Harrison Grundy has worked on FreeBSD, PostGIS, and various open-source projects. He had previously worked for oil and gas companies based in the US and works internationally. He actively participates in Security and FreeBSD conferences. He also loves car racing and travelling around the world.




Content Creators and Community Members


Sheetal Sawaram a system administrator that is Office365 and Azure certified and does PS scripting. In her free time, she blogs about system administration and basic troubleshooting at savourthemomentattechie.blogspot.com .She also likes hiking and swimming.




Kushal Appadu is a Redhat Engineer and Ansible Certified. Being a Computer Science student and a DevOps Engineer at the Mauritius Commercial Bank, he also likes to blog on automation using Python, Arduino, and node-red at https://blog.kushal.net .
Kavish Gour is a security researcher and a core member of SECBSB. He does python development in the security field. Currently, he is having fun with Hack-The-Box.