Active Members

While members of persist in dedicating their time and passion to Open Source contributions, we have decided to categorize our members into two sections: Active and Inactive, based on active contributions and commitment in the community, our group and the Open Source world. Click here to see the list of Inactive Members

The Last of us

Veegish Ramdani

Software Engineer at Bocasay

The Last of us

Logan Velvindron

Infrastructure Security Engineer at Afrinic

The Last of us

Kishan Takoordoyal

Devops Engineer at SDWorx

The Last of us

Rahul Golam

Devops Engineer at SDWorx

The Last of us

Jeremy Daniel

Linux System Administrator at AM Web Solutions

The Last of us

Atish Joottun

Computer Science Student at University of Mauritius

The Last of us

Keelan Cannoo

Consultant at Spoon Consulting

The Last of us

Deelvesh Bunjun

Educator at New Eton College

The Last of us

Jeevesh Dindyal

Software Developper at

Ongoing Events

Very intensive hackathons in design and implementation of IETF standards in opensource projects

Promoting the adoption of Linux and opensource software in both public and private sectors.

Co supervising academic publications that have a high practical value for the IT industry at large

Cyberstorm attended the AI Summit Event at Le Meridien Hotel at Pointe Aux Piments on May 09 2024

We are now expanding abroad. More information will be made public soon.

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