A Spirited Discussion on Innovation and Community

The Cyberstorm meeting kicked off at approximately 12:30 PM with a round of introductions. Each participant shared their background, expertise, and specific interests within the cybersecurity domain. This exchange highlighted the diverse skills and passions within the Cyberstorm community, ranging from software development to ethical hacking, setting the stage for a dynamic and engaging discussion.

Key Highlights:

Informal Interviews: The Core Members of Cyberstorm—Jeremy Daniel, Veegish Ramdani, and Kishan Takoordoyal—conducted informal interviews with each participant, fostering a collaborative and open environment.

Ambitious Plans for Upcoming Projects: Logan outlined the organization’s ambitious plans for the coming months, focusing on three major initiatives:

  1. The Post-Quantum Project
  2. The AHP project [Will be revealed publicly soon]

Many attendees expressed a strong interest in contributing their expertise to these cutting-edge projects.

Mentorship Program: To support the successful execution of these projects, Logan announced the appointment of mentors to guide and support new members. This mentorship program received widespread approval, recognized as a valuable tool for professional development and skill enhancement.

Discussion on Broader Societal Issues: The conversation expanded beyond current projects to address broader societal issues. Participants discussed the current economic landscape in Mauritius and the well-being of its youth, referencing a recent study. This dialogue highlighted factors contributing to youth dissatisfaction and the disparity in median salaries, reinforcing Cyberstorm’s commitment to positive societal impact beyond cybersecurity.

Future Initiatives: Looking ahead, Logan previewed an upcoming hackathon for college and university students, underscoring Cyberstorm’s dedication to nurturing the next generation of cybersecurity talent. Additionally, he announced plans for a monthly podcast, spearheaded by Nitin, aimed at raising public awareness about pressing issues and Cyberstorm’s ongoing efforts within the community.


The June 1st Cyberstorm meeting was a resounding success, characterized by spirited discussions, ambitious plans, and a shared sense of purpose and camaraderie among members. As the organization continues to grow and evolve, driven by passion, innovation, and collaboration, the future of Cyberstorm looks remarkably promising.

Cyberstorm Meeting Summary: A Spirited Discussion on Innovation and Community

Date: June 1, 2024

Cyberstorm Recruits:

  1. Atish Joottun
  2. Poshan Peeroo
  3. Kevin Yerkiah
  4. Ali
  5. Meryl
  6. Ritesh Gomind
  7. Derek

Cyberstorm Core:

  1. Loganaden Velvindron
  2. Jeremie Daniel
  3. Veegish Ramdani
  4. Kishan Takoordoyal

Article by Atish Joottun, cyberstorm.mu member and computer science student